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1. Purpose
This regulation is used to guide the operator to operate and use hydraulic equipment correctly.

2. Scope Of Application
This regulation is suitable for guiding the safe operation and maintenance of the hydraulic press of our company.

3. Operating Procedures
3.1 Before moving, check the fastness of each fastener. There are obstacles in the running parts and sliding surfaces.
3.2 Connect the power supply and check whether the electrical grounding is reliable. Then move the start button to check whether the motor is turning correctly or not. Then the motor is officially started.
3.3 Check the buttons, the limit switch, the hydraulic valve, the photoelectric protection device and so on.
3.4 Make an empty stroke for 10 minutes before working. It is confirmed that the pressure of the hydraulic system is normal and the movement of the working beam is flexible, and the work can be started.
3.5 It is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum working stroke of the movable crossbeam (i.e. the minimum distance between the movable beam and the lower limit to the working table), and design the die according to the requirement so as to avoid any mechanical accidents.
3.6 At work, the machine should be used in the range of maximum nominal force to ensure the safety of the operator and not to exceed the maximum eccentricity of the machine.
3.7 When the machine appears unreliable, noisy, vibrant or serious oil leakage, it should be shut down immediately to analyze the cause of the failure and try to exclude the use of fault.
3.8 After the start of each class, we should first use the point move button to move a few back and forth of the movable beam, so as to ensure the liquid filled tank full of oil. Then turn to normal stretching.
3.9 The work oil pump should be shut down first when the work is finished. The power supply is cut off, the equipment is cleaned and the inspection records are made.

4. Maintenance
4.1 Recommends the use of N46 to N68 anti-wear hydraulic oil. When the room temperature is below 10 degrees, it is recommended to use N32# hydraulic oil. The alternative oil can be No. 30, No. 22 turbine oil or No. 30, 20 machine oil.
4.2 Oil should be replaced once a year in general. The oil used for the first time of the new machine should be completely released after two months of filtration and then injected into the tank. Such as the discovery of oil emulsion, opacity or colloidal sticky phenomenon should be replaced with new oil immediately; mixed water or other impurities should be replaced with new oil immediately.
4.3 The temperature of the machine's oil temperature is less than 60 C, so the user needs to install the cooling water on its own. When the oil temperature is high, the water must be cooled to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
4.4 The oil pump oil filter oil filter should be removed and cleaned after the new machine is used for about 400 hours. Should every three months shall be washed once with kerosene or gasoline after. When the filter is removed, the machine should be shut down first. After dismantling, clean it with kerosene or gasoline, and then use it. If the oil filter is found to be serious or perforated, the new one should be replaced immediately. It is forbidden to open the machine without installing the oil filter.

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